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How report writing differs from essay writing || Report Vs Essay

Report:A report is composed for a specific purpose and serious issue. Particular data and proof are exhibited, dissected and connected to a specific issue or problem. When you are requested to compose a report you will, for the most part, be given a report brief which gives you directions and rules.
Characteristics:The objective and reason must be accomplished if a report has the accompanying characteristics and qualities. It ought to be real. Every report ought to be founded and should be based on facts, confirmed data and legitimate verifications. Clear and easily reasonable: Explained underneath. Free from mistakes and duplication.
Objectives:Reports impart data which has been assembled because of research and investigation of information and of issues. Reports can cover an extensive variety of issues, yet for the most part center around transmitting data with a specific issue, to a particular gathering of people. The extension and style of reports differ broadly.
Sections of Report w…

How to start a Blog free || Setting up a blog on Blogger

To increase your savings or to overcome your expenses you can start a blog and by writing articles on your blog you can earn.

To start a blog and to earn from your blog you need two things one is domain name which represents your site, for example, or and the other is hosting. 

Hosting means where your data stores on the internet many different companies like and provide different packages of hostings from cheap to expensive. You can buy it from anywhere you want.

But if you want free hosting as well as the free domain name you can start on

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This tutorial is the complete guide to start a blog on blogger
Go to on CREATE YOUR BLOG.Sign in with your Google account or Sign Up.Give a Title to your Blog and Choose a domain name

         I have given the Title Itachay Demo Blog and chose the domain just to show you but you can choose any …

How to become a Good Programmer

The world has millions of programmers but all are not good programmers. Then who are the good programmers?

Good programmers are those who think logically and has a great practice of programming. It means to become a good programmer you need to understand things logically.

Becoming a programmer is not difficult but becoming a good programmer is difficult. Then the question is how to become a good programmer?

I think there are three steps to follow to become a good programmer. The first step is Learning Syntax, the second is Think Syntax logically that How and Why they work and the third is Practice.

Learning Syntax:                In the first step, you just have to learn the syntax of a programming language to perform the different operations or to do any work. Teachers in class teach you the only syntax of different things. For example, to run a loop you have to follow a defined syntax. It is the very simple step in learning programming.

Now you have to learn 
How and Why they work:       …

Benefits of using Blogger instead of WordPress || Blogger vs WordPress

Benefits of using BloggerBlogger is one of the best sites to make your own blog or host your custom domain. Anyone can make its own blog on blogger free of cost and can earn from it by writing unique articles.
Blogger makes it easy to share your thoughts and experience with the entire world. 

Many people run their sites on WordPress but I think Blogger is better than WordPress because of the following things

Easy to use:             For newbies, Blogger is a very good site to host your blog because it is easy to use you just have to write and publish your content. No extra knowledge and experience of blogging is required. If you don't know about SEO then no problem for you if you are on blogger.

Just write and share your blog post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more to drive traffic to your blog, if your blog is new.

But in case of WordPress, you need extra knowledge and experience of blogging, SEO including site submission etc to handle your blog. You have …

Change your Application background in Scene Builder || JavaFX FXML Tutorial

It's a good idea to change your JavaFX FXML application's background to enhance the interactivity of your application with the users and your application also looks good as well as professional.

You can change your application background in two different ways first is, you can change your application's background color and second is you can change your background with a good and perfect image which can be your application's logo or any other.

This tutorial is a complete guide to change your JavaFX FXML application's background with an image in scene builder.

There are some steps to follow
Copy your image which you want as your applications' background to source folder in NetBeans or any other ide which you are using by right-clicking on the source folder as shown in the screenshot. But make sure your image has extension .JPEG. Now make a new CSS file by right-clicking on the source folder and give it some name, I have given it name background but you can give any of…

c/c++ Programming questions || Practice Problems for Beginners || C Programs List

Conditional Statements:Write a program which takes two integers from the user and tell which number is greater, first or second.Write a program which takes an integer from the user and tells whether it is even or odd.Write a program which takes two integers from the user, subtract them if the result is positive then simply display result if the result is negative then take the mode of result and display result.Write a program which takes two integers from the user and tell, the given integers are equal or not.Write a program which takes an integer from the user and tell, the given integer is positive or negative.Write a program which takes two integers from the user, subtract them if the result is negative then display the product of given integers otherwise simply display "Condition is not true".Write a program which takes two integers from the user, if the second number is not equal to zero then divide the first integer with second and display otherwise display "We ca…

Things to Remember while buying a Domain

Starting a blog and sharing your knowledge with others and turning your knowledge into money is good when you have enough knowledge about a topic.

To start a blog you need two things one is hosting (where your data will be saved) and the second thing is domain through which your blog will be accessed. Both are equally important but now we will talk about the domain name.

Domain name is very important because it is your blog's identity. To buy a good domain you have to keep in mind some important things and if you buy your domain while keeping in mind these things you will get a perfect domain through which you can also easily rank on Google's first page.

Things to remember while buying a domain name

Easy to remember:
The domain name must be easy because when your domain name is easy then your viewers can easily remember your blog and whenever they want to visit you, they simply type your domain name and visits you. But on the other hand, when your domain name is not easy visitors f…