Benefits of using Blogger instead of WordPress || Blogger vs WordPress

Benefits of using Blogger

Blogger is one of the best sites to make your own blog or host your custom domain. Anyone can make its own blog on blogger free of cost and can earn from it by writing unique articles.
Blogger makes it easy to share your thoughts and experience with the entire world. 

Many people run their sites on WordPress but I think Blogger is better than WordPress because of the following things

Easy to use:

             For newbies, Blogger is a very good site to host your blog because it is easy to use you just have to write and publish your content. No extra knowledge and experience of blogging is required. If you don't know about SEO then no problem for you if you are on blogger.

Just write and share your blog post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more to drive traffic to your blog, if your blog is new.

But in case of WordPress, you need extra knowledge and experience of blogging, SEO including site submission etc to handle your blog. You have to update your plugins whenever update requires. If you are an original content writer and handling your blog on WordPress then you can't focus on writing, because whenever you log in to WordPress 5 to 6 updates are available. But you can focus only on writing if you are on Blogger.

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        Using Blogger is free you don't have to pay even 1 Dollar to anyone in your whole life, even you can host your custom domain on Blogger free of cost but if you host your domain on a hosting site and install WordPress you have to pay monthly or yearly to hosting site you have chosen to host your domain.

It's a great thing for newbies who don't have enough budget to pay Dollars for hosting their sites.


        Blogger is secure to host your content. Blogger provides security to every their user free of cost, it means your blog is secure from hackers but in case of WordPress, you have to pay companies to provide security to your blog from hackers.

Provide HTTPS:

                Blogger provides a facility for your blog or custom domain to establish a secure connection (HTTPS) with your visitor. HTTPS means Hypertext transfer protocol over a secure connection which means your encrypted data will transfer over a secure network over the internet.


        Blogger is a trademark of Google and you can imagine Google products are fast but if you have installed WordPress on your site and add many plugins then your site will become slow and your visitor has to wait to load your site and this thing is disgusting. Again you have to add plugins to fast your blog and WordPress drama goes on.

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