How report writing differs from essay writing || Report Vs Essay


A report is composed for a specific purpose and serious issue. Particular data and proof are exhibited, dissected and connected to a specific issue or problem. When you are requested to compose a report you will, for the most part, be given a report brief which gives you directions and rules.


The objective and reason must be accomplished if a report has the accompanying characteristics and qualities. It ought to be real. Every report ought to be founded and should be based on facts, confirmed data and legitimate verifications. Clear and easily reasonable: Explained underneath. Free from mistakes and duplication.


Reports impart data which has been assembled because of research and investigation of information and of issues. Reports can cover an extensive variety of issues, yet for the most part center around transmitting data with a specific issue, to a particular gathering of people. The extension and style of reports differ broadly.

Sections of Report writing:

A report is accomplished according to the following sections
  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Design and Structure
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices 

How report differs from essay writing

1. Title Page:

The title page is compulsory in report writing whereas it is not compulsory in an essay. In the report, we discuss the detail of addresser and addressee, submission date of report, its title while in an essay we do not need such type of information.

2. Table of Contents:

In report table of Contents (TOC) is a section in which we give information of all headings and section subheading of report with a reference of pages in sometime tabulated form but comparatively in essay we do not discuss the detail of different sections of essay in tabulated form and we do not give a page of reference of a particular topic.

3. Design and structure:

In this section of the report, we illustrate the abstract explanation of the research design that we used for the analysis of the report. This part of the report also includes the previous testing of particular design under great discussion. No specific calculation is required in this section of the report. In this section of the report, we describe the whole information in clear and detail.

4. Discussion:

This section of the report includes the source of information; we describe in detail how we get information. While in the essay we do not describe the source of information. In this section of the report we also have to provide the full detail of our result and findings but in an essay, we do not need to explain the result and findings of your experiments.

5. Conclusion:

 In this section, we conclude by providing all the results of the study in a numerical manner. And we should avoid fro useless illogical explanation. In this section, the addresser must point out the problem of study, describe the main purposes of study in detail, the source of getting and analyzing the data to get the attention of readers. On the other hand, we do not need such type of information in an essay.

6. Recommendation:

In a report, we can get guidance and help from work of other work that has done in the same area which we chose for our report. But in an essay, we do not find get such guidance because essays are mostly written about some particular topics.

7. Bibliography:

We include a bibliography in the report that includes the information about the sources of getting data, mention the standard format APA/MLA that is used for getting data of our report, and describe the references of all information. But we do not need to provide such detailed information in essay writing.

8. Appendices:

At the last part of the report, we include specifications, questionnaires, and long complex tables of figures in details. Because of great details and complex tables, we place this section at the last of the report. But we do not need to include this section in essay writing.

The main points that we discussed above are the major differences between an essay and report in terms of structure and content.

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