How to become a Good Programmer

The world has millions of programmers but all are not good programmers. Then who are the good programmers?

Good programmers are those who think logically and has a great practice of programming. It means to become a good programmer you need to understand things logically.

Becoming a programmer is not difficult but becoming a good programmer is difficult. Then the question is how to become a good programmer?

I think there are three steps to follow to become a good programmer. The first step is Learning Syntax, the second is Think Syntax logically that How and Why they work and the third is Practice.

Learning Syntax:

                In the first step, you just have to learn the syntax of a programming language to perform the different operations or to do any work. Teachers in class teach you the only syntax of different things. For example, to run a loop you have to follow a defined syntax. It is the very simple step in learning programming.

Now you have to learn 

How and Why they work:

                This is the most important step to become a good programmer. In this step you have to think about all things, you have learned. You have to think logically on these thing why these thing work, how they generate errors, how a loop runs perfectly, how Ladder if...else exactly finds perfect condition you want, why a variable increases its value when we write ++ with them, how data stores in memory while running a program, why developers make different languages, why developers of C Programming language write a function "printf" to print anything but developers of JAVA defines another way to print on console, In JAVA you have to access a static field "out" of class "System" and then you have to call their function "printf","print", or "println" to print anything. If you think all these and many more other things logically then you can write code efficiently and can make logic of the different program easily and fastly.

You have to understand all these things by your own. When an error occurs in your program while compiling don't be hesitate and understand why this error occurs, what you know about a topic before understanding this error and after understanding this error, this practice will lead you to become a good programmer.

When you think programming logically and understand it logically you will have a better idea about all these things. But if you want to simply learn the syntax and wants to be a good programmer then it is impossible, because you have to learn programming by heart.


            You know a world famous quote "Practice makes a man perfect". When you practice programming after not only learning syntax but after understanding syntax logically, you will find happiness in programming and programming seems to you the easiest subject. When this happens to you, that programming seems to you easy, then you can tell that you are a good programmer.

How to Practice?

Make logic of different programmes by your own and then implement it. Many students write programs after viewing other's implementations but this is not a good practice, you become less logical.

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