How to start a Blog free || Setting up a blog on Blogger

To increase your savings or to overcome your expenses you can start a blog and by writing articles on your blog you can earn.

how to start a free blog

To start a blog and to earn from your blog you need two things one is domain name which represents your site, for example, or and the other is hosting. 

Hosting means where your data stores on the internet many different companies like and provide different packages of hostings from cheap to expensive. You can buy it from anywhere you want.

But if you want free hosting as well as the free domain name you can start on

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This tutorial is the complete guide to start a blog on blogger
  • Go to
  • Click on CREATE YOUR BLOG.
  • Sign in with your Google account or Sign Up.
  • Give a Title to your Blog and Choose a domain name

choose your blog title and address

         I have given the Title Itachay Demo Blog and chose the domain just to show you but you can choose any domain and any title for your blog according to your niche you want to work on.

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  • Now your blog internally looks like

interface of blogger or blogger control panel

                On the Left side, you can see a menu containing different sections including Posts, Stats, Comments, Earnings and so on.

  • To post on your blog Click on New Post in Posts Section.

create new post

  •  After writing your post and giving it a title you can publish it by clicking on publish button and your post will be live with a domain name you have chosen.
publish your first post on blogger

  • After I have published my first post my blog now looks like

how my blog for visiters looks like

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