Things to Remember while buying a Domain

Starting a blog and sharing your knowledge with others and turning your knowledge into money is good when you have enough knowledge about a topic.

To start a blog you need two things one is hosting (where your data will be saved) and the second thing is domain through which your blog will be accessed. Both are equally important but now we will talk about the domain name.

Domain name is very important because it is your blog's identity. To buy a good domain you have to keep in mind some important things and if you buy your domain while keeping in mind these things you will get a perfect domain through which you can also easily rank on Google's first page.

Things to remember while buying a domain name

Easy to remember:

             The domain name must be easy because when your domain name is easy then your viewers can easily remember your blog and whenever they want to visit you, they simply type your domain name and visits you. But on the other hand, when your domain name is not easy visitors forget your blog name and whenever they want to visit your blog, they again have to search in google some keywords related to your blog name to search your blog.

Matches with your niche:

             A domain name must match with the niche on which you want to work. For example, if you want to work on a niche related to computer science just like me then how you can think to buy a domain name related to health and fitness for your niche. You have to buy IT related domain for your niche and if you want to work on health and fitness you have to buy domain related to health and fitness. 
Suppose I want to work on SEO tips I will buy or but I will not buy because my domain name represents my blog and its not good to buy a domain which does not represent my blog work.


             Suppose a domain here .com is an extension. Extension matters for a blog best extension for all blogs are .com but if .com is not available with the domain name you think about you can buy .net .org and .co but no other extension. Best is .com because the audience has trust on .com and visit .com domain first and think that this domain is official.

Has searches:

             Its a better idea to buy a domain having a keyword in it and that keyword has searched in google. Because when you buy a domain having a keyword in it. For example, keyword SEO has many searches and you buy it's easy to rank this blog against keyword SEO in Google.

Meaningful name:

             When your domain name is meaningful then viewers will trust your blog and think your blog has original content.


             Your domain must be short because when a domain name is short it's easy to remember and easy to search.


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