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Implementation of Graph in C || Directed and Undirected Graph

Graph:A graph is the collection of vertices and edges or the set of vertices and edges. Mostly represented as G={V, E} here, G is for "Graph", V is for Vertices and E is for "Edges" in the graph.

Vertices and Edges:Nodes in the graph are known as vertices whereas the line connecting two nodes in a graph is known as Edge between these two nodes or the connection between two nodes are known as an edge.

Types of Graph:There are so many types and subtypes of the graph but I am writing three of them which are mostly used in programming

Where Graphs are Used?Graphs are mostly used to represent the relation between two or more things. For example, Facebook uses the graph structure to represent the connection between two friends, in Facebook people are the nodes and if two nodes have a connection between them that's mean these two nodes (persons) are friends on Facebook. Google maps tell us about the minimum distance between two cities or two pla…