Blogging Tips for Beginners || Successful Blogging Tips

Everyone wants to rank his article on the first page of Google, but Google gives benefit in indexing and ranking articles of old blogs having high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority).

If you are a new blogger then you are on the right place. You can also rank your blog post with little effort. You just have to increase your PA (Page Authority). 

To achieve the target of ranking your blog you have to follow some things.

Write Regularly:

Writing regularly on your blog is very effective in increasing your PA. If you write regularly on your blog, Google and other search engines will index your content fastly which is great. I think if you are a new blogger you have to write 3 to 5 articles per day, your blog will rank easily.

Write Unique:

As you know, Google has millions of results against our one keyword, which means millions of people has already written there knowledge or experience, and if we want to write against that keyword on which millions of people have already written then we have to write something new and unique.

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Keyword Research:

There are many tools for searching keywords use one of them and if you want a free tool for this purpose then Google Keyword Planner is best. Choose keywords which have low competition and have searched more than one thousand per month.

Build Backlinks:

Backlinks are the links to your site or your blog articles. The greater number of backlinks means more ranking. In fact, backlinks show the trust of other blogs to your blog and if more blogs show trust or give backlinks to your site then Search Engines also trust on your blog and rank your blog articles.

Build quality backlinks to your blog article which will help your article to rank easily. Make at least 5 quality backlinks to your blog daily.


A sitemap is a model of your site, it helps search engines to navigate your site. Submit your sitemap to webmaster tools. This will help in indexing your blog articles easily.

Don't use Spinned Articles:

I know many new bloggers who use spinned articles on their blog. But if you want to become a real blogger and wants to rank your blog you must have to avoid these cheap tricks because when you spin someone else article no doubt it becomes 100 percent unique, but not impressive and readers can't understand things easily because of irrelevant synonyms and leave your blog in seconds and your Bounce Rate increases. Due to this Google de-rank, your blog and your blog will lose the trust of Google.

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