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How to add Disqus Comment Box to Blogger Blog

To increase interactivity with your visitors or to increase comment ratio you can use Disqus comment box in your Blogger Blog. Disqus comment box permit user to use images in their comments or user can use the code or can bold or italicize their important comment text which is not available in Blogger's comment box.

To add Disqus Comment Box to your Blogger Blog, there are some steps to follow

1. Go to and click on Get Started button.
2. Signup here. You can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account to signup or you can go with your email address.
3. After completing registration, click on I want to install Disqus on my site.
4. Add your information and click on Create Site.
5. After creating site successfully, choose your plan. I'm choosing basic because it is free.
6. Now choose your platform like Blogger. Because you want Disqus on Blogger but you can also use it on any platform such as WordPress, Tumbler etc.
7. Now click on the Add to my Blogger site.
8. Select your …

5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2019

Before getting into the field of coding, we must know why we are choosing this path. Each and every decision that we take has a significant impact on our lives. As coding takes time to learn, time is the most precious gift of life, so the reason should be justified.

If you want to work independent of the location, then this field is best for you. If you are highly skilled then you can get a job almost anywhere in the world. As we have a great interaction with technology in our daily life and we do not want to be left behind in the future. So, we should understand the importance and scope of the skills that we are going to learn.

Here’s what you should know before selecting the right language for you to learn.
JavaScript JavaScript is almost everywhere. According to the stack overflows annual survey, almost 62.5% of the respondents claim that they prefer to use javascript over the others.

Companies having the websites or apps have need of javascript web developers. In addition to Node.js wi…

Passing Array to Function in C Programming with Examples

We know that we can pass any type of data (int, char, float, double etc) to a function for some processing. Same as we can also pass a complete array of any data type to a function for some processing.
Declaration of the function:The only change to pass an array to a function is we putt square brackets [] after the name of the variable in parameters list in the declaration of a function. Which shows that the function will receive an array of the particular data type.
Just as if I want to write a function check which will receive an integer array then I will write
void check(int arr[]){
    printf("Array Received");
} The prototype of a function has parameter int arr[] which shows that the function check will receive an integer array in the variable arr. And we can perform any processing on the array in the function body, we want.
Calling the function:To call the function we only pass the name of the array, because an array name is actually the address of the first element in the ar…