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How to add Disqus Comment Box to Blogger Blog

How to add Disqus Comment Box in Blogger Blog
To increase interactivity with your visitors or to increase comment ratio you can use Disqus comment box in your Blogger Blog. Disqus comment box permit user to use images in their comments or user can use the code or can bold or italicize their important comment text which is not available in Blogger's comment box.

To add Disqus Comment Box to your Blogger Blog, there are some steps to follow

1. Go to Disqus.com and click on Get Started button.
get start with disqus
2. Signup here. You can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account to signup or you can go with your email address.
signup on disqus
3. After completing registration, click on I want to install Disqus on my site.
click on i want to install disqus on my blog
4. Add your information and click on Create Site.
click on create site
5. After creating site successfully, choose your plan. I'm choosing basic because it is free.
choose your plan
6. Now choose your platform like Blogger. Because you want Disqus on Blogger but you can also use it on any platform such as WordPress, Tumbler etc.
choose your paltform
7. Now click on the Add to my Blogger site.
click on add to my blogger site
8. Select your blog to add a widget and confirm by clicking on add widget button. Make sure your blog must have at least one blog post otherwise it will produce an error.
choose your blog and confirm

Now open any of your blog posts and see magic your blog post will have Disqus comment box. 

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