5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2020

Programming Languages To Learn in 2019

Before getting into the field of coding, we must know why we are choosing this path. Each and every decision that we take has a significant impact on our lives. As coding takes time to learn, time is the most precious gift of life, so the reason should be justified.

If you want to work independent of the location, then this field is best for you. If you are highly skilled then you can get a job almost anywhere in the world. As we have a great interaction with technology in our daily life and we do not want to be left behind in the future. So, we should understand the importance and scope of the skills that we are going to learn.

Here’s what you should know before selecting the right language for you to learn.


JavaScript is almost everywhere. According to the stack overflows annual survey, almost 62.5% of the respondents claim that they prefer to use javascript over the others.

Companies having the websites or apps have need of javascript web developers. In addition to Node.js with Javascript, you can create a full-stack app.  Javascript helps to create a desktop application, a web application, a mobile application, or VR applications.

In today industry, it is the most demanding programming language. If you are not sure what to learn this year, go with javascript, trust me you are not going the wrong way.

Start with HTML and CSS, after this get into the javascript and learn the advanced features. Learning the additional tool like Node.js and the basic knowledge of server and database will help you to become a full stack developer. Javascript is highly recommended if you are new to the term of programming and want to go beyond the limits. Just follow your passion and do not concern about anything else.   



Python can be found almost anywhere today as it is a general-purpose language which can be used to build desktop applications, web applications, machine learning, media tools, and network servers.

As per the annual survey of stack overflow, almost 32% of the respondents use python instead of the other languages Giant companies like NASA and Google have also a great usage of Python.

Python can be considered as a good choice for the beginners as it is a high-level language. Its code is well structured, neat and easy to comprehend. It is considered as the most popular language nowadays because of its simplicity and ability to easily comprehend.

Python is elucidated language which allows the coder to give the source code to the machine and the machine runs the code directly. This helps to build programs rapidly as the code does not need to be compiled as compilation takes a lot of time.


Java is the backbone of modern industry as it is used for developing Android applications as well as being used for games and web applications. It is among one of the most popular languages. Popularity means companies tend to hire developers with Java skills.

As per the annual survey of stack overflow, almost 39.5%  of the respondents claim to use Java over the others.

 A software platform is necessary for java in order to compile programs. This platform is provided by the oracles This language is best for developing the android applications. It is a dynamic language and can be portable, platform independent and secure.

The concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, class, and objects are the assets of this language. These concepts help to get an understanding of object-oriented programming.



The next language in the list that is going to surprise you is PHP. To be honest, I have not much interest in PHP. It's clumsy and slow language. Facts are facts, PHP has also a great share in the industry.

Today, PHP has a share of 90% on the web written by WordPress. Giant companies like Twitter and Facebook have started out it. PHP is easy and quick to learn. That's why it's still being used around.

If you want to learn PHP for 2019 and if you have a thought of becoming a freelancer then build some WordPress plugins or become an entrepreneur or maintain WordPress sites. It will be highly beneficial. It means a PHP developer has a job for sure. 

There has been fall to PHP in popularity due to many reasons i.e language's design,  the rise of Node.js frameworks has given a great set back to PHP. Due to the high investment made by Facebook in PHP which will keep it relevant, so it will be great to see PHP's adoption rate in the future.

C & C++

c or c++
If you are beginner then I will recommend you to start with C and C++ and learn Java or C# later. There are rumors that C and C++ are going to die in future, but these are false. VR is “regenerating”  C and C++ development because of games.

C and C++ are easy to learn. These languages have a great share in the industry. Although these do not have a very bright future, these are good to learn for beginners.

Note: Choose one of the languages and work hard to establish professional skills in that, it will definitely bring you a bright future.


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