How to add Alt Text to Blogger Images [Complete Guide]

how to add alt text to blogger images

Adding alt text to images in Blogger blog post is very good idea. Many bloggers miss this step by considering it unimportant and focus on making backlinks but this is an important factor of On-Page SEO.

After the new updates of Google, On-Page SEO is likely to have more worth than Off-Page SEO. Blogs are ranking well even with zero backlinks but having good On-Page.

In this article, you will get the complete idea of alt text and how to use it for better ranking and the different ways to add alt text to images in Blogger.

Search engines consider the article with more images a good one and give better ranking than those articles which don't have images in them.

Everyone knows this quote "A Picture is worth a 1000 words." So using more relative images in a blog post is good.

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As you know search engine just read HTML and they don't even understand what it is about and what it contains. Same in case of images. Search engines only understand that this is an image but they don't understand what the image contains and what it is about.

So to tell search engines about our images we use alt text.

Originally, alt is an attribute of an img tag in HTML and contains the information of a particular image. As Alt text tells the search engines about the images and if the images alt text contains relevant text (your keywords) on which you want to rank your article then it will help you to rank better in SERP.

Alt text is the short form of alternative text in HTML is used for the purpose that if anyone has a low internet connection then web page loads the alt text only instead of the complete image but bloggers use it for better ranking.

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There are two ways to add alt text to images in blogger
  • By editing the property of the image
  • By editing HTML of your blog post

By editing the property of the image

1. Select any image you want to add alt text. Click on the properties of that image.

go to the properties of the image

2. A box will appear to add alt text and title text.

box will appear for adding alt text

3. Add alt text of your image. You can also add title text of image.

add alt text

By editing HTML of your blog post

1. Select HTML of your blog post. You will now have complete HTML of your blog post.

go to html of your blog post

2. Press CTRL+F to search. A box to search anything from the HTML will appear.

click CTRL+F to find img tags

3. Write img in the box to search and click Enter button.

search for img tag

4. All img tags will get highlighted.

all img tags will get highlighted

5. Now write alt="Your Alternative text to image" in the img tag. Just as shown in the figure.

noe add your alt text to img tags in html

Now update your blog post. Images will have alt text.

Recommendation: I will recommend following the first way to add alt text to your images. Because that one is easy and you don't have to find img tags in HTML. If you are a web developer and understand HTML then you can go with second way.