6 Ways to decrease Bounce Rate of your Blog

how to decrease bounce rate of your blog

Whenever a user visits your blog and left immediately your bounce rate increases. Google calculate it before giving ranking to any web page to ensure that it is ranking best content for their users.

Bounce rate tells Google about the quality of any page. If a user left any page within seconds Google considers it in a way that your page didn't have good content for the users so that a user left it.

When the Google records the same attitude from many users that the users just left the page within seconds without reading it, Google de-rank the page.

If your blog has bounce rate in a percentage ranging from 26 to 40 then its excellent, 41 to 55 is roughly average, 56 to 70 is higher than average and if you have bounce rate greater than 70 then it's disappointing. You have to follow some techniques to decrease it.

In this blog, you will get everything about how you can decrease your bounce rate.

If you follow some techniques you can decrease your bounce rate and your ranking will automatically increase.

1. Right Content for the Right Audience

Last month one of my posts get ranked on Google, I was very happy because it is driving a good amount of traffic to my blog. But my bounce rate increases. I didn't notice it for one week but it is hurting my blog.

After some time my blog post, de-ranked.

I collected the queries for those I got clicks from Google. I noticed one thing, people who are visiting my blog are looking for the content I have not written in my post. That's why they just go back from my blog immediately.

Then I updated my post and include content which was not in the post. Now it is not ranking well but my bounce rate decreases very well.

Now I have a bounce rate of 29.3 which is excellent. You can see in the screenshot.
bounce rate of my own blog

2. Increase Page Speed

Study shows that 40% of the users left the blog which consumes more than 3 seconds to load. Even your blog has the best content for the user but they will leave you if your page loading speed is not good. People can't wait for anything.

Check your page loading speed with Google PageSpeed Insights.

There are many ways to increase your page speed you can buy the best hosting service or you can compress your page data so that it consumes fewer bytes to load.

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3. Write Engaging Post

Sometimes bloggers write the best content but the posts are not engaging. Try to write in a manner that attracts their readers. Tell your user about the worth of your content. Tell in advance what they will get after reading. What the benefits they will get if they spend some time on your blog.

Use graphics this will increase engagement with your reader. Keep your information valuable. After every piece of content, there must be something to do for your reader. Use lists and bold important points. This will increase readability of your content as well as will engage your reader and your bounce rate decreases.

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4. Internal Linking

When you link another post in one of your posts then this is called internal linking.

Internal linking is now one of the most important factors of On-Page SEO as well as this can decrease the bounce rate of your blog. You have noticed that every good blog must have internal links so that the reader can easily navigate to another post of your blog.

If one user is reading one of your blogs and get an interesting related link to read your another post they will definitely click on the link to read. In this way, your reader is spending more time on your blog that is good for you and your bounce rate decreases.

Internal linking has many benefits just like if one of your posts get ranked then the other post linking to the ranked post are also starting getting ranked.

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5. Don't use Spinned Articles:

Many new bloggers use article rewriter tool to write an article for their blogs. But if you want to become a real blogger and wants to rank your blog you must have to avoid these cheap tricks because when you rewrite someone else article using tools no doubt it becomes 100 percent unique, but not impressive and readers can't digest things easily because of irrelevant synonyms and leave your blog within seconds and your Bounce Rate increases.

6. No more Popups

Readers just hate the disruption during reading and popups like ads popup or even subscription popups can disturb the reader. So try to reduce your popups and ads that are the barriers in the way of reading.

Wrapping Up:

Google ranking based on the trust onto the websites. More google trusts your site more you will get ranking easily because google ensures that their users are getting perfect information they want.

That's why google rank trusted sites in SERP and new websites can't get ranking.

When we get visitors and they spend time on our website then google realize that this website may have good enough content that a visitor is reading their blog with interest and your bounce rate decreases. And when you get the trust of Google by doing good work you start getting ranking.

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