11 Things that can Ruin Your Blog || You Should Avoid

The competition in blogging is increasing day by day and to rank better on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) many bloggers find quick ways.  For example, they make spammy backlinks, they just copy other content rewrite it by using tools to grow faster but Search Engines hate these techniques to grow faster.

Google sometimes penalize your blog and sometimes even banned you from getting the approval of Adsense. And if you get banned you have to start your struggle again from zero or you just left blogging.

In this blog, I will cover each and everything that can ruin your blog or the things you should avoid.

1. Vain Backlinks:

Many new bloggers consider greater the number of backlinks means more ranking and they start making backlinks even on spammy websites.  But remember after the new updates of Google, blogs with fewer backlinks are getting ranking over the blogs with a higher number of backlinks.

I have searched for one keyword by selecting the country India. You can see the result that the first ranking blog has only one external link but the tenth blog has 147 external links.

number of backlinks required to rank
number of backlinks required to rank

This shows that now the external backlinks do not matter but content matters. One can say that maybe the first blog has 1 good external backlink but the 10th one has 147 low-quality backlinks but it's not true I have checked it manually as well.

Now Google does not consider the number of backlinks but considers the number of good quality backlinks. Links from sites with good organic traffic, CF/TF (Citation Flow/Trust Flow),  PA (Page Authority) and much more.

Many bloggers buy backlinks from Fiverr and other such platforms but avoid such techniques of ranking.

The best way to get backlinks is guest posts many popular blogs offer guest posts and you can get the link to your site.
Some Popular Guest Post Offering Blogs:
  • OutBrain
  • The Huffington Post
  • About
  • HubSpot
  • Mashable
You can search on Google of more blogs to publish your content.

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2. Slow Lading Speed:

Studies show that 40% of visitors left your blog if your blog does not load within 3 seconds. I think websites that load in 3 seconds are also not good.

Yesterday, I checked my own blog home page which loads very fast. According to Google PageSpeed Insights, my blog's home page scored 100/100 for desktop and 94/100 for mobiles.

You can check in ScreenShots

how to increase page speed of my blog

Web Page loading speed is one of the most important factors of on-page SEO. Greater the loading speed of your webpage greater the ranking you will get. Because Google shows the result to their users after calculating approximately 200 factors to ensure the best content.

So if your page loading speed is low you have to increase it.

3. Low-Quality Theme:

Don’t use low-quality themes users, as well as search engines, hate this. Low-quality themes can increase your blog loading time. Check your blog speed for mobile as well as desktop here.

The ranking is inversely proportional to the loading time.

Ranking = K / Time to load a page

Use premium themes or the updated version of themes. Try to find lightweight themes for your blog.

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4. More Ads:

New bloggers become greedy and put many ads on their blogs but readers hate the disruption in the flow of reading. Many times when you get ranked and you put ads more than the required. Visitors just leave your blog within seconds which increases your Bounce Rate and you lost the ranking. Search engines consider the blogs with more bounce rate unsuitable for the query and rank blogs with less Bunce Rate.

I had decreased my bounce rate
how to decrease bounce rate of my blog

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5. Copied Content:

Copying someone else content is unprofessional. If you can’t write by yourself just left blogging. Better to die from earning unethically.

Bloggers who read content, understand it and then write it according to their understanding are ethical.

Some bloggers claim rewriting by using tools ethical but it's not. Just suppose it's ethical but when you rewrite someone’s content by using tools you can’t get ranking because tools just put synonyms to the original words which most probably make no sound and more chances to increase your bounce rate.
copying someone else content 1
copying someone else content 2

You can read the original content and re-written content. Re-written content makes no sense. So avoid using these techniques.

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6. High Competition Keywords:

If you are new to blogging then avoid using high competition keywords. Blogs even 1-year-old are very young and search engines give ranking to the blogs with good authorities.

If you are new to blogging or even your blog is young then just ignore the high competition keywords and start with low competition even if the keywords have only 1000 searches per month. On such keywords, you can rank easily.

Focus on the keywords with low competition and having the result of blogs with low DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), and have good CPC (Cost Per Click).

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7. Inconsistency

If you want to rank better you have to consistent in writing and making the backlinks. Google knows everything about your blog, when you publish or the graph of backlinks going upward or downward.

Google just loves the backlinks increasing consistently. If you want to make 500 backlinks in one month and make all the backlinks in one or two days and relax the whole remaining month then it is not good for your blog.

You have to make backlinks consistently 10 per day or 20 per day. Same in the case of posts you have to write at least one post per day or write the post consistently. Not like that, you wrote 5 in one week and 0 in the next week. If you are not consistent then you are destroying your blog.

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8. Not setting a Goal

Set blogging goals every day. Such as Today, "I will learn Snippet feature" or "I will write 2 articles" or "I will get 5 backlinks from Quora". Setting up a goal makes it easy to achieve it.

If you are not setting goals and enjoy the day without achieving your goals then your chances reduce to become a good blogger.

Never blame anyone. You can do anything if you want to do something. Learn daily and implement daily because competition in blogging is increasing day by day.

9. Not Learning SEO

If you are writing well and not leaning and implementing SEO techniques then you can't rank well in Google. Because everything is SEO. In fact, consistency is also included in SEO.

Learn proper SEO and implement it. If you think that you are good at SEO and can rank anything then it's a joke because SEO techniques are updating fastly because Google is updating their algorithms day by day.

So be active in learning new techniques of SEO. If you are not learning then you will be the next to be hit by Google's new algorithm.

10. Not promoting your blog

Writing good articles is not good enough. If your blog is new and no one knows about your blog then how people can find you because Google will not give you ranking. If you think you will pray and you will get ranking then it's not possible. So you have to promote your blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and Quora, etc

11. Not Improving Yourself

Always try to improve yourself in everything like Writing (Understanding your audience), and SEO, etc. Your every new blog will have to contain more value for their readers. Find your weaknesses and improve them.

If you have some more points that can ruin a blog or If you have some feedback please write in the comment section. I will appreciate your feedback.


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