JavaFX vs Java Swing || Comparison Between JavaFX and Swing

javafx vs java swing

JavaFX and Java Swing are two different toolkits or software platforms for creating desktop applications.

JavaFX is also used to develop rich Internet applications (RIAs) that can run across a wide variety of devices.

Here is the head to head comparison between JavaFX and Swing


Java Swing has a wide range of components to it. But when it comes to JavaFX the number of components is less as compared to legacy Swing APIs.

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User interface:

In the case of Java Swing, you can only design Standard UI components with Swing. But JavaFX is much more than Swing in case of UI as you can create rich GUI components with advanced look and feel.

In JavaFX it’s easy to implement transitions / animations / video stuff in FX rather than Swing.


APIs of Swing is used to write UI components and it's a time-consuming process. But in case of JavaFX, you can use scene builder for front-end development and it makes it fast and easy than java swing.


The era of the swing is now ending or ended. So, no new functionality will be introduced in the future. And JavaFX is expected to grow more and more in the nearby future and has a rich new toolkit.

MVC support:

Swing support MVC but it’s inconsistent. Whereas JavaFX is very friendly with the MVC pattern.

Web Portability:

Using Swing in web applications are not impossible, but it’s not easy to use. Whereas JavaFX can be used in web application easily. Not so easily but more than Swing.


Swing has a great community across the internet if you stuck anywhere you will absolutely find any solution on Stack Overflow etc. But JavaFX doesn’t have a large community yet because now many developers also use C# for desktop applications and consider C# better than JavaFX.

So if you are working with JavaFX, and run into an issue and it’s not popular on Stack Overflow, you will have to do some digging of your own.

Swing is very mature and has already a lot of flavors, but JavaFX is the replace for all the Swing things, so if you have to make a desktop project from zero or want to learn one, I recommend you JavaFX.


  1. C# is, perhaps, better then JavaFX but it is only for Windows.

    1. Yes, but project does seem a little bit "young", doesn't it ?
      An interesting way would be a binding of a "solid" library (Qt or wxWidgets for instance)

      ... A 2 cents idea of course ;)

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