What I learned from my 4 years of Blogging

Every blogger has one wish to rank #1 on Google. Many bloggers left blogging due to less knowledge of SEO. But many rank #1 and earn great revenue from that by selling affiliate products or through an ad network.

I'm a blogger since 2016 and I faced many problems in the online earning field. My parents even taunt me that I'm wasting all of my time on the laptop without doing anything. They don't believe in online earning. But when I proved him by earning through my blog which was on health niche then they believed me that I was not wasting my time but I was working on my blog.

When I start blogging, I wonder how people rank on Google and I'm not getting even 10 views per day. I tried every method to rank better on Google. It is true that it takes time to rank a new blog but I can't wait because I have to show my parents that I'm not wasting my time and I proved.

Through my 4 years of blogging journey, I understand some techniques to rank better on Google. Those who say backlinks are the most important factor to rank are liers. We can rank our blogs even without backlinks. I'm not saying that backlinks have no influence but we can rank if we have good content and On-Page SEO.

I have searched one keyword by selecting the country India. You can see the result that the first ranking blog has only one external link but the tenth blog has 147 external links.

This shows that now the external backlinks do not matter but content matters. One can say that maybe the first blog has 1 good external backlink but the 10th one has 147 low-quality backlinks but it's not true I have checked it manually as well.

Today, I want to share my own way to rank #1 on Google.
Some bloggers may have a conflict with my thoughts but these techniques worked for me.

To achieve the target of ranking your blog, you have to follow some steps.

1. Keyword Research:

The story starts from keyword research one best keyword can give you thousands of views per day. Try to find the best keyword of your niche and start writing on it.

There are many tools for searching keywords use one of them and if you want a free tool for this purpose ubersuggest is best. You can also use paid tools if you can afford. Choose keywords that have low competition and have searches for more than one thousand per month.

2. Understand the Audience:

Before writing your post you must have some knowledge about your targeted audience or you must have to understand your audience that what your audience wants to read in your article. This will decrease your bounce rate.

3. Write Unique:

After finding a keyword, you should have to write unique and problem-solving content on it.

As you know, Google has millions of results against our one keyword, which means millions of people have already written there knowledge or experience, and if we want to write against that keyword on which millions of people have already written then we have to write something new and unique.

4. Blog Posts Length:

Your blog posts must have enough words to rank it easily. You can use some online tools to check how many words are required to rank a post on a particular keyword. And after writing your blog post you can check your content quality and the minimum quality to rank a post on a particular keyword online.

5. Write Regularly:

Writing regularly on your blog is very efficient in increasing your PA. If you write regularly on your blog, Google and other search engines will index your content fastly which is great. I think if you are a new blogger you have to write 3 to 5 articles per day, your blog will start getting ranking.

6. Build Backlinks:

Backlinks are the links to your site or your blog articles. Backlinks show the trust of other blogs to your blog and if more blogs show trust or give backlinks to your site then Search Engines also trust on your blog and rank your blog articles.

Build quality backlinks to your blog article which will help your article to rank easily. Make at least 5 quality backlinks to your blog daily.

7. Use user-friendly themes:

Themes have much more effect on your audience. Low-quality themes can increase your page loading time which is also a factor of ranking.

8. Don't use Spinned Articles:

I know many new bloggers who use spinned articles on their blog. But if you want to become a genuine blogger and wants to rank your blog you must have to avoid these cheap tricks because when you spin someone else article no doubt it becomes 100 percent unique, but not impressive and readers can't understand things easily because of irrelevant synonyms and leave your blog in seconds and your Bounce Rate increases. Due to this Google de-rank your blog and your blog will lose the trust of Google.


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