Why JAVA is Secure than other Programming Languages?

Java is a general programming language. It is designed to have the minimum number of implementation dependencies in a program.


The following are the places where people use Java language.
  • It is best for mobile application development.
  • It is used as a distributing environment of the internet.
  • It is the loved language in the internet things.
  • It is used in creating games.
  • It is used in financial applications.


It is an object code processed by the written program. In other words, it is a portable code in the form of instructions to execute the program. 


Java language is considered as the most secure language in the field of software engineering.


Reason for being secured  are as below 
  • Java save the program in Byte code, that can only be run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Byte code is considered as the third party cannot modify the Byte code.
  • Pointers are not used in Java language. Pointers save addresses and data, so in Java, language pointers are not being in use. So like this, the data of Java is secure and cannot be leaked.
  • Before going to execute, the code is verified by the system.
  • It doesn't have direct memory access.
  • Java language is secure because of the exception handling.
  • The compilation in Java is different from other languages.

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