Angular vs React vs Vue || Basic Difference


It is a framework. It is the front end web to show the user. The main language that Angular use is HTML.

This framework is maintained by the community and Google to give a rich experience to the users.

It is used in web application functions (Single page applications). Angular can reduce the work needed in JavaScript.


React is a Javascript library. It is used to build interfaces for the user. It is a component base front.

This Javascript library is maintained by the community of developers and Facebook for the user's interface.

React can also be used in single-page development and in developing mobile applications.


Vue is a framework. It is used for model viewing for user interfaces. Vue is also written in javascript.

Vue is used for web development. Vue framework has many tools to edit and to make user's interface good and to give good feelings to the user.

This framework is better for small applications.


There is only one major difference between these three frameworks (Angular, React, Vue). And the difference is as below.
  • Angular: It uses two-way data binding.
  • React: React uses only one-way data binding.
  • Vue: Vue can use both (single and double data binding).
If we talk about performance and speed React and Vue are far better than Angular in speed and performance but only in small projects. On the other hand, Angular is good for large projects.

If we talk about testing, routing, Vue is love than react and angular.


Angular, React and Vue are frameworks that are used in web development and mobile applications. Vue and react are better than angular in speed. For small applications react and Vue are good but for large applications angular is better.

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