Are Artificial Intelligence experts trying to challenge GOD?

Hello guys, I'm a student of Artificial Intelligence and I want to express my views about A.I and the challenging nature of humans.

Everyone has its own way of thinking and you can agree or disagree with my views.

As all know, Hanson Robotics has developed Sophia, the most intelligent robot in the world, and every A.I expert is trying to mimic humans. Some are trying to mimic consciousness and some are trying to mimic vision but practically no one succeeded yet. Is it really possible to mimic humans (Most intelligent creation)? If we can then why we are not the GOD, but his creation?

Expert says we are not able to mimic the complete brain at that time. But one day we will be able whenever we have resources, maybe after 100 years.

Some say, A.I is now much mature but literally, we have only lots of sophisticated conditional statements nothing else and we are calling ourselves experts and trying to achieve more. A.I is not new it was introduced in the mid 19's. 70, 80 years back we have A.I but till now we are even not able to make such an algorithm which can understand the picture shown below
But I believe you can understand this picture.

As we can't go to the sun practically the same as we can't make machines intelligent just like humans.

GOD gifted humans the brain to understand his nature and get guidance but not to challenge GOD. Humans has right to challenge humans but has no right to challenge GOD who created you. If we humans try to mimic human then it means we are saying that we can create human just as GOD created humans and this is a sin I believe. 
He gives wisdom unto whom He will, and he unto whom wisdom is given, he truly hath received abundant good. But none remember except men of understanding.
I think we will not be able to mimic humans practically even after 1000 years. What you think?

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