Pinterest launches new features to make it more convenient for users to use after acknowledging the increased activity on its platform

Pinterest launches new features

According to some reports, Pinterest has launched three new features separate notes, favorites, and a board toolbar. These new features will surely blow your mind by offering you more than you think.

By cutting it short, users can save items or ideas, pinned their notes or ideas. Users also can add their things as a reminder for later use. The purpose of the favorite tool is that you can mark the items as favorite. Through separate notes, users can write a separate note to themselves. Users can write it privately to their pinned items or can also show it to others. Above all, if a user is working in a group, he or she can keep things organized and can show to everyone at the same time. 

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The board toolbar helps you create a different board section. It has approximately 150 pin options. The board toolbar can serve as a communication source for different groups on Pinterest. You can organize things according to your choices such as games, photography, etc. it will increase the productivity of users. Furthermore, a user can utilize different board sections to keep things organized. Users can also create a to-do list to explore more items for later. Now you can do all these things under the same board.

Reportedly, Pinterest has continued to grow with the COVID-19 pandemic. As many people are preferring to plan everything from home- so, these features are proving very helpful on Pinterest during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 75 million people are added to this platform over the last 12 months. It has shown that the activity on Pinterest also increased. The survey shows that almost 35% of the users have used a board to plan their things and 30% of the users have created collaborative boards.

They have launched these features to ease the user’s life. As per the recent report, these features are connecting the users to a huge audience. Finally, Pinterest has rolled over these features for both iOS and Android users. 

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