The Latest lawsuit against Facebook could break it up and destroy Zuckerberg’s Empire

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust lawsuit on social media titan Facebook. They also accused Facebook of anti-competitive practices. It sounds like, Mark Zuckerberg is about to get Zucced

The FTC is also taking legal action against Facebook with the alliance of state for its acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram for $715 million back in 2012. Two years later, the organization made a massive deal of $22billion on WhatsApp.

According to FTC’s complaint, instead of competing on merits, Facebook is maintaining illegal monopoly power throughout these years. FTC is finally taking legal action against the technology giant. They also added that Facebook was meant to maintain the “squelch” competition. 

According to FTC, they want Facebook to divest get rid of both businesses. The divestment of WhatsApp and Instagram would shatter the empire of Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg generate much of the revenue from Instagram and WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the central point for Mark Zuckerberg to enter into digital commerce. If Zuckerberg loses these platforms, it will threaten Facebook’s long-term value. Zuckerberg was looking for a safety net for his social media empire, that’s why he acquired WhatsApp and Instagram.

 And if you think Breakup is a scary business for investors but it is even scarier for Facebook. Just a little possibility of losing these sites has caused a 4% drop in Facebook’s shares. However, it looks like Zuckerberg is not taking his head back without fighting. On Wednesday, Zuckerberg did an announcement to his employees in which he said, “Our acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp have dramatically improved those services and helped them reach many more people”. Zuckerberg wrote in a post, “We compete hard and we compete fairly. I’m proud of that.”


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